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Is it true that Spanish don't have "sh" sound?

The origination of X for unknown is because that Spanish don't have SH sound. How do they pronounce Spani"sh" then?

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    Sep 21 2013: There are more than three "types" of Spanish, although some classifications might suggest that the three primary linguistic groups may be Castilian, Galician and Catalán. A fourth linguistic type would be Basque. The Royal Spanish Academy (Real Academia Española, or REA) in Spain has been concerned with preserving and enriching the Spanish language since 1713. The REA is constantly studying the Spanish language and updating its dictionary, which is considered to be authoritative. They classify the language into many subclasses, based on criteria such as medium (oral or written),
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    Sep 21 2013: In Argentine Spanish, the SH sound is present; in the Y and and in the LL.

    In medieval Spanish, the X made the SH sound.

    An example you're looking for would be some the the languages in the Pacific island nations have the S, but not SH.

    I think Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic don't have that sound.
  • Sep 16 2013: To answer your question, the only time that Spanish speakers need to know how to pronounce the "sh" in "Spanish" is when they are speaking English or another language containing the sound. The Spanish word for Spanish is not Spanish; that is the English word. Depending on where you go, the word for the Spanish language in Spanish is called español (pronounced es-pahn-yol) or castellano (pronounced cahs-tey-yan-o). Castellano is the word for the specific language from the Castille region of Spain; in this school of thought, español can mean any language in Spain or a Spaniard (man from Spain) or something from Spain.
    However, in some dialects in some places, a sound close to the English "sh" though more closely related to the "ch" appears in some words.
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    Sep 15 2013: Don't worry, in Shanghai dialect we don't have the "sh"sound, either. :)))
    Shanghai is located in east China.
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      Sep 15 2013: Then how do u pronounciate it?
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        Sep 15 2013: Hi Vijaya, I am not a scholar.....but I am of Spanish origin, and speak it fluently.

        In our modern Spanish (espanol) we use ch instead of sh.

        Many English natives who learn to speak espanol, find it hard to pronounce the hard 'ch' sound

        As a teacher in a predominantly Spanish speaking area......I have quite a time teaching Spanish children to distinguish between the ch and sh sounds........which are both sounds in English words.

        My Japanese friends tell me that in Japanese, there is no L sound.

        So if someone is called Melinda. Her name would get pronounced Merinda..........They substitute L for R.

        I don't know if I helped you.............but I gave it my best xot :)
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          Sep 15 2013: Yeah that's much needed explanation for me.. THANKS!

          Since am a native of Tamil language which has letters for all sounds, i thought other languages also would have them all. But sadly many languages lack many sounds.. any how thanks again for excellent answer (y)..
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          Sep 15 2013: Yes, in Japanese, there aren't the real sound of "r","v,""l" of English. :-p
          You probably can't figure out what they mean when they speak English if you don't know it.(*^.^*)
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        Sep 15 2013: You are very welcome!

        That is interesting what you say about Tamil. I did not know you have letters for all sounds.

        I have friends who are deaf, and when we speak, there are 'whole words' we do not pronounce/utter.

        In sign language you want to convey ideas......small words such as "in, the, and, of" and the like are not part of the expressions. Kind of makes talking in sign language quick and to the point.

        Is there sign language for the Tamil-speaking deaf? Do you happen to know?
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          Sep 16 2013: Tamil don't have sign language..but the 247 letters with 12 vowels makes it all.. if you want more information regarding it, I'll provide you.
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        Sep 15 2013: hahaha~you're cute!
        We don't need to pronounce"sh",we use"s"only.But in mandarin,we have the sound"sh".Mandarin is our standard Chinese.
        Don't be sad about the sound,just as you can't find all your animals and plants in other countries.But sometimes you can find other new things you don't have,for instance,you don't have panda, do you?
        haha,it's just the diversity of the world.
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          Sep 16 2013: Good point!
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        Sep 17 2013: So, Tamil Sign Language does not exist for the deaf in India?

        Is it possible that there is an Indian Sign Language?
        Are you familiar with how the deaf community communicates with each other?

        Thank you for your reply.
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    Sep 21 2013: You might really enjoy watching this small youtube video.
    The professor explains how letters take on different pronunciations depending on country.
    At around 5:49 he starts to use a graphic, and actually explains, and pronounces the words.

    Que lo disfrutes.....Enjoy!!
  • Sep 20 2013: Hi all, I'm Spanish, from Almeria, a little city in the southEast of Spain. Really, I don't know a word in spanish with the sound Sh, ch is the southwest of Andalucia and in Canary Islands sounds like Sh.
  • Sep 20 2013: What do spanish people do if someone is talking to loud in the movies?
  • Sep 15 2013: espanol except it's not exactly n. or did I do something weird there. And there are different Spanish accents. Gosh I had a hard time with high school Spanish. And other languages - I try but people will speak English with me after I mess up their language. If I ever go to India Iwould get Hindi and Bengali etc. phrase books.
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      Sep 15 2013: You are thinking of the letter " ñ "

      This letter is formed by adding a "tilde".....a little wave.

      It is an additional letter in the Spanish alphabet.....right after 'n'.

      • Sep 16 2013: Sorry I guess I should have done better. There is no Sh sound as I remember but it is espanol with the letter right after the n not an n.
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          Sep 16 2013: No need to be sorry.....I was just trying to bring back to your memory your high school days George...LOL
      • Sep 17 2013: True Some of it was good and some not so good.