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Is our intelligence a continuous stream of connected photons and our human body just a focus point?

In that scenario the mind is real and most everything else is an illusion in which case anything that can be imaged is possible. So why not imagine a world with less destruction and violence from mankind.


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  • Sep 23 2013: Raymond, a very deep question you have thought of ... im no good at this but ill try.
    My view is that intelligence has to come from a physical body. It just doesn't pop out of nowhere. So in my view, it is a physical body that generates a continuous stream of connected photons (intelligence) that serves to benefit the organism that generated it in the first place.
    The body therefore is not just the focus point..anymore, .its both the body and the mind.. so why not imagine a world with less violence? it depends on the type of mind and what direction it wants to take. If the nature of mind is to be simply be intelligent it wouldn't be a question of why imagine a world without destruction. Unfortunately the nature of the mind is to benefit itself.. and therefore to satisfy itself. The path to satisfaction is not about just about being intelligent... destruction and violence can be satisfying to some.
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      Sep 27 2013: I don't see the mind being made of atoms. Quantum physics says things do seem to pop out of nowhere.
      • Sep 28 2013: the mind i assume is made up of the stream of atoms/photons whatever you may call it. Its the organization of these forces that forms the mind. Not the atom itself.
        In the same way we can cause a computer to process information like a human mind... there is no real conscience.. but the only reason why a computer can process information and "think" like a human is because of the electron flow over the electronics.

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