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Is our intelligence a continuous stream of connected photons and our human body just a focus point?

In that scenario the mind is real and most everything else is an illusion in which case anything that can be imaged is possible. So why not imagine a world with less destruction and violence from mankind.


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    Sep 26 2013: If that were the case, I would start imagining not being a human at all... far too imperfect.
    But this doesn't seem to work, and we are 'stuck' with what we call reality.
    A good way to get a better world seems to me to improve it in the best way you seem fit (while consulting other people when doing so &c &c).
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      Sep 27 2013: Anything we do must include everybody. That means no preferential treatment. Its funny deep down we all want the same things; love, freedom, to be involved. The problem is we listen to others telling us we need more.

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