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One in five in the USA go hungry.

I just read a NBC Poll that said 1 in 5 in the USA go hungry. It stated this was a telephone poll. I wonder what the questions were?

Did they ask do you own a cell phone ... have cable TV .... on food stamps .... Don't get me wrong .. there are plenty out there who are struggling ... but one in five seems awfully high. We spend trillions in welfare programs .. school breakfasts and lunches ... food stamps ... church programs ... etc ...

I know and visit many people just making it but food was not their problem ... many sell the food stamps for cash to buy other things like booze or drugs.

If it is true that 1 in 5 are going hungry ... we should revisit all of the trillions of dollars spent on programs that are not working.

Do you believe this poll? Do you think the programs are working? If true what is the solution?


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  • Sep 15 2013: Let's see;
    1 in 5 go hungry. If the poll is accurate, IF, why the question, "do you think the programs are working?'
    Of course they aren't.
    You Americans have at least four (4) times the amount of food available to you than you actually use.
    Much of it is thrown away!!! Are you kidding me?
    Why don't you American'ts simply make sure all people are fed? Please don't say you don't get it.

    Where does all that money go? Into someone's pocket. You people are so "willfully blind" it is a ludicrous
    Read what Theodore said below:
    "Report get distorted when they are in the press. I found this statement online,
    "Almost one in five Americans say they have had trouble paying for food at least once during the past 12 months."
    Is this the same thing as "hunger." My answer would be "no."
    Again, not being able to purchase food is, "not hunger!!!!!" Not being able to eat is, 'not hunger!!!!!"
    And willfully skipping eating because of money is also not hunger!!!!!!
    You people should really step of your country to really see yourselves.
    You look and sound like idiots.
    Even one person going hungry when there is absolutely no reason for it, doesn't constitute rational, sober, intelligent
    discussion, no matter how you break it down.
    It's just hunger insecurity. Fear of hunger insecurity.
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      Sep 15 2013: At the risk of, as you say, looking and sounding like an idiot ... I think your right. We are probably the worlds largest consumer of political koolade. I have traveled and agree that the USA cannot be compared with real hunger issues.

      I am sure you are also correct on the amount of cronyism, rake offs, and just plain greed that occurs in all of the programs.

      Does Germany suffer from any of these problems?

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