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Do language learners need a computer application that saves translations to their custom list of words in languages of their interest?

I am an English native speaker enrolled in a class to study a second language. The fee includes the book which has a companion CD. Each class begins with the vocabulary list definition session to familiarize us with word meaning in context of the lesson material. Next there are pronunciation drills and then sentence formation and use making statements, questions, tense.

Classes are fun, the teacher although monolingual presents the lesson in a fun way. The homework is to practice that lessons material well and the vocabulary for the next lesson - each succeeding lesson begins with review then into the next chapter.

During the week I have a job, other classes, social life, exercising, etc. all in English, and though I study I cannot remember all the pronunciation. The CD sounds each phrase in normal speech but I cannot catch sounds clearly. The target language text is of unfamiliar characters and I must also learn the phonetic symbol set to be able to sound each character - and the sounds change with each different pairing of these characters. My goal is to read and write as well as speak and listen.
Is there a computer program that can hold these texts in English with translations and their phonetic support, paired with an audio (normal, slow and word-by-word or syllabicated) for easy recall and review?
The program would have to be easy for the teacher to use in creating and organizing custom word lists that build on the text material and more. And also easy for the student to use for content review.
The program must allow the teacher to use their own voice as audio with a native speaker for the target language audio.
The program would have to be easily distributable, possibly via flash drive or set up to be downloaded via website created for this purpose.
And the program would have to be able to handle multiple languages for a diverse participant classroom.
Sounds like a practical wish, anyone know of a program like this?