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What is my obligation to society and the world?

I am a person that was born in good health, to a great family, a relatively high IQ, and with financial means and connections. I have struggled my entire life with feeling that have not done my part to contribute to the solving the problems of the world. Is there a TED scholar in this community that can help me come up with a realistic goal that would allow me to feel satisfied with my contribution to the world? I would love it if someone could come up with a talk relating to this subject.


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  • Oct 11 2013: Hi Rebecca,
    I really get what you're saying here. Have you seen the TEDAd, 'Follow the Frog'? http://www.ted.com/initiatives/aws/follow_the_frog.html
    I think most of us feel the same way you do - those of us who are able (and willing) to see where the world is going wrong, have a hard time accepting that there is so little we can do about it. As a Mom, I find it my responsibility to raise my children to be communicative, empathetic, respectful citizens of this world, and as a human being, I feel my contribution is in daily kindness, respect and communication. I like to think of my skills in music as a way to express myself, and in doing so, helping others in tuning in to their own emotions.

    I am suggesting, maybe we don't need anyone to tell us how to contribute to the world, but ourselves.

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