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What is my obligation to society and the world?

I am a person that was born in good health, to a great family, a relatively high IQ, and with financial means and connections. I have struggled my entire life with feeling that have not done my part to contribute to the solving the problems of the world. Is there a TED scholar in this community that can help me come up with a realistic goal that would allow me to feel satisfied with my contribution to the world? I would love it if someone could come up with a talk relating to this subject.


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    Oct 8 2013: I would not say that I'm a sacrifice boy, and I from a poor village of China, I don't have much money, or even a good job, all I need to do is get more money for my family to stand a chance to own a better life. and to social contribution, I think I want to let some one know that, if you are poor when you are a child, that's not your fault, but if you are poor thouthout your life, that's your fault. And can I be friends of your? I want to know your culture. can your send a email to me? my email address is marco.van@hotmail.com
    • Oct 10 2013: 嗯,很好,小伙子.英语还需要加强哦,这段话出现了比较多的语法错误哦.加油!
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      Oct 10 2013: Hi Wang,

      Like you I want to know other cultures. I'm from Brazil. My e-mail address is rafael_nascimento07@yahoo.com.br

      I hope to receive a answer.

      • RAY LI

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        Oct 11 2013: can you make friends? my email.ray_li.china@hotmail.com.i am come from china.

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