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What is my obligation to society and the world?

I am a person that was born in good health, to a great family, a relatively high IQ, and with financial means and connections. I have struggled my entire life with feeling that have not done my part to contribute to the solving the problems of the world. Is there a TED scholar in this community that can help me come up with a realistic goal that would allow me to feel satisfied with my contribution to the world? I would love it if someone could come up with a talk relating to this subject.


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    Sep 24 2013: No matter your connections, financial wealth, higher intelligence or good health, anyone can make a difference in their society, although the previously mentioned attributes do help.
    Mentioned in previous comments, you seem to have attained all other levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, except the last. It's a little difficult for me to believe someone has obtained all other levels at such a young age, but I'll keep an open mind. You must have something specific you are passionate about, something that has an impact on society as a whole and influences it, no matter how small. Whatever that desire is, pursue it. You have ample time and abundant resources, why not use them?

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