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What is my obligation to society and the world?

I am a person that was born in good health, to a great family, a relatively high IQ, and with financial means and connections. I have struggled my entire life with feeling that have not done my part to contribute to the solving the problems of the world. Is there a TED scholar in this community that can help me come up with a realistic goal that would allow me to feel satisfied with my contribution to the world? I would love it if someone could come up with a talk relating to this subject.


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    Sep 13 2013: I struggle with the same idea; I was also born in a nice family but without the financial affluence. After traveling first time in India and saw the face of real poverty I was taken by the desire to go back and do something that would make a difference at least in a few people's lives. I had all my life government jobs and struggled with the feeling that the world would be just the same with my job in place or without it. I wish I had medical skills but I don't ..so I cannot help that way but I figured I can share some knowledge and volunteer in education of under privileged children. I don't care what any one will say about me at my funeral....it is the fact that I saw a need that I strongly believe in and I have no doubt I want to make a difference. But all this is still to come when I retire.
    So .... I don't know if we have a duty... the world doesn't seem to be organized that way; solving the problems of the world is a too broad of an idea ... start small wherever you see the need.... you don't have to save the world just make a difference wherever you can ...follow your feelings.

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