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What is my obligation to society and the world?

I am a person that was born in good health, to a great family, a relatively high IQ, and with financial means and connections. I have struggled my entire life with feeling that have not done my part to contribute to the solving the problems of the world. Is there a TED scholar in this community that can help me come up with a realistic goal that would allow me to feel satisfied with my contribution to the world? I would love it if someone could come up with a talk relating to this subject.


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    Sep 13 2013: I haven't managed to find a relevant talk yet, though there may be several that cover the general principle of social responsibility.

    In a society where products matter more than people, it is becoming increasingly difficult to earn a living in any sector that relates to societal obligation in any realistic sense. To get around this, it might be necessary to do voluntary work that benefits society in some way, while at the same time do a part-time job doing something menial as a means to an end, just to earn a living.

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