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Before you can change the world you have to change yourself

What if we made a change in ourselves before hoping to change the world? What if we made sure our hearts, minds, and everything else was in the right place before doing good?

Are we asking for people to be more loving, kind, and generous even though we haven't been loving, kind, or generous ourselves?

This goes along with the quote by Ghandi that says "Be the change that you want to see in the world."

The next time you go off to change the world make sure to reflect on who you are inside and out.

A cold heart can't warm a nation.


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  • Sep 13 2013: CHANGE emerges from UNDERSTANDING. Understand the World and you will end up with a Fragmented Anxious Mind. Understand Yourself and you understand the world....minus the Fragmentation.

    Look around you.....see the anxiety everywhere.
    • Matt K

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      Sep 19 2013: Yeah, but from anxiety to positive problem solving:

      Practically it means think global, understand the law physics and derive all other understanding from it e.g. genetics, evolution. Then try to understand the past, the present and what is possible for the future by the limits of physics.

      Then remember humanity has another 4bn years time to get to all limits of physics. After that focus on the social-economic perspective and start to remember the old vision utopia. Then think how we can achieve it, are we already there? Think of practical solutions like a basic income, a fully automated economy without prices...
      ...anyway still a long way to go for humanity with positive options all around.

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