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Is socialism the best option for Latin American countries?

Socialism is good for lowering poverty rates? I think economic models do not give the expected results when carried to an extreme.


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    Sep 13 2013: Socialism has never worked, and economic freedom, liberty, and education have always worked.

    Corruption is the main problem in Latin American countries, and all political systems are prone to that. But with Socialism there is no check and balance to keep it under control.
    Economic freedom, liberty, and education are the best weapons against corruption and crime.

    To give equal opportunity for all in the world, an international online education system need to be done. So a kid in Latin American can take the same classes as a kid in North America, Middle East, or Europe.
    • Sep 13 2013: Don Anderson, I agree with you, la education and the liberty are the principal option. In our countries is so difficult because the politics dont want help to all poors, but you hace the reason, 100% for you.

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