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Is socialism the best option for Latin American countries?

Socialism is good for lowering poverty rates? I think economic models do not give the expected results when carried to an extreme.


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  • Sep 13 2013: Socialism has not and will not work because of one underlying trait in the human spirit, survival. Socialists seem to have had this trait bread out of their DNA and will accept anyone that would help them without any effort on their part. They learn to late that working for a common cause simply means toiling for one master or another and receiving a fraction of the reward for your efforts. For the most part socialists are life's losers, blaming all their deficiencies on someone else and for the most part those that do acquire wealth usually do so through inheritance not hard work and common sense. Have you ever wondered why so many of them work for the government? From one teat to another for an existence, certainly not a life.

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