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Many people have influenced our lives positively and they may not know it. Who are they and what would you say to them if you could?

Social networks have connected us, but we have disconnected as human beings. I would like to know how interested people are in really connecting tothe people who have influenced them and how they would do it.


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  • Sep 19 2013: it is a very good topic that deserves to be discussed . First of all , the first people who inspired me since my coming on earth is my dearest parents ; they played and they are still playing a crutial role in my life since I got something from their attitudes and above all way of working ; they always teach me how to do a good job , either at home or outside and this really helps me to get a positive outcome . Secondly , over the years we get in touch with the net , we meet new faces...etc and I would have to say there are two other people who inspired me positively and left a mark on my mind forever : the first one is my teacher at university ; her way of speaking , her attitudes and her ambition in life make her an inspirational teacher and everybody loves her . The second inspirational figure is an international speaker whose name is AMY PURDY . She had a big tragedy in life and she suffered a lot from loosing her legs , but she never gave up . Moreover she accomplished amazing things that a healthy person cann't do , that's why her story and her motivation touched me . To sum up , I'm blessed to know those people and heard their stories and of course it would be other people in near futur that would have a great impact on me , so i'm waiting for them .

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