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Many people have influenced our lives positively and they may not know it. Who are they and what would you say to them if you could?

Social networks have connected us, but we have disconnected as human beings. I would like to know how interested people are in really connecting tothe people who have influenced them and how they would do it.


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    Sep 16 2013: I had a horrific first 20 years--parent's heroin and alcohol addicted. Yet, in the midst of that there were some really kind and nice people. They have no idea that they sometimes literally saved my life. Once a man at a ride at a fair, which I was given no money for, gave me a free ride. I lived on that for the summer. A music teacher called me by my nick-name--treated me as a person... I got up in front of class and gave a presentation, something I NEVER did. I did it for her. Now, I try and BE that person for others. If I see an angry, tough, sarcastic teenager--I know she's afraid of everything, and I try and treat her as a valuable person. I try to always always err on the side of kindness. It cost me nothing and may be priceless to the receiver. Today if a clerk or a waitress is really nice, I ask for their boss and tell the boss how wonderful they were! Why? Because most folks only say the bad stuff. I try to carve the air around me in positiveness--as a sculpture carves marble... and at the end of the day, I review and ask what else could I have done.
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      Sep 18 2013: Kua, you nailed it, that is precisely it.

      Somebody made a difference in your life, inspired you to make a difference in other people life "Now, I try and BE that person.." That comment says it all.
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      Sep 18 2013: "err on the side of kindness"..........beautiful, just beautiful.

      Thank you for that fine thought-for-the-day Kua.

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