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In the UK, is there a culture of entitlement and when does social expectancy become unjustified?

I think the recession has highlighted an element of British culture and thinking where personal gain at other's expense and lack of appreciation for wealth is encouraged. In a country that has a broad class system and an unequal spread of wealth, our culture inexplicably celebrates unjustifiable entitlement.

Is this thinking itself justifiable? If it is, how do you define 'entitlement' and where does the feeling of deserving stop being justifiable and become comdemnable?


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    Sep 14 2013: Let me take a stab at what you are looking for here .... I can only compare to the USA ..... the Administration has thrown the 1% o the wolves ... while at the same time perpetuating the generational welfare society. Facts be damned. The top 1% pay 74% of our taxes and the top 20% pay 94.7% of all taxes. The top 25% pays almost 100% of taxes. Yet they are being put on political trial as sucking the life away from the poor. Without them the poor would not have the free food programs, free phones, free medical, housing, and many more programs. Yet they want rich blood. Thus biting the very hand that feeds them. The more they get the more they demand as "owed to them".

    That is where we are in the USA. A family gets everything for free and works a pick up job for cash only that will never be claimed. Thus he has no bills and all of the cash he makes he can blow any way he wants. In goods and services plus the cash he makes "on the side" equal up to about $80,000 a year if he were to pay for them ... hell I'm jealous. If I made $80,000 a year over $60,000 would go to bills and debits ... maybe more.

    Entitlements have become the standard for one political party .... even as the USA goes broke the poor still believe that all they get is free and they are entitled to that and more.

    As our educational system has become totally focused on STEM subjects and controlled by the federal government classes that would educate students in economics, history, and to better understand the political process are being eliminated. The "dumbing down" of America is being conducted as a political exercise. Thus ensuring that generational welfare will continue until a collapse occurs ... when that happens the poor will be in the worst position.

    To be sure there are those deserving of a hand up ... but we must ensure that it does not become a hand out. pure welfare destroys the will, spirit, and pride that jobs give a man.

    Be well. Bob.

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