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"Helicopter" Parenting: beneficial or hurtful in our children's development?

More and more I see parents not letting their children take the "bumps and bruises" that are part of the development process to become strong adults. Are we hurting their development? Are we creating a generation that feels entitled?

What are the benefits and ramifications of Helicopter parenting?

My definition of "helicopter" parenting is lobbying coaches for your child to get more playing time in high school sports or getting in the middle of a roommate conflict in college. There are other more minor acts as they grow up - blessing out another child who slide tackles your kid but thinks its great when your child does it in rec soccer. My personal favorite is going to your teens former employer and yelling at the owner for firing him for wrecking the delivery truck because he was texting and driving.


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  • Sep 13 2013: It is natural to look out for your child. To hover and stay close to them so that they don't hurt themselves. The opposite of that is neglect, which is far worse.

    The trick is to know when you can start to let go and let them make their own mistakes on their own.

    Parents who hang on too tightly, do not allow their children to fail and learn. Those are the children that will struggle in the future.

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