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Reinventing government - what would it look like?

If we were to start from scratch and invent a new model of national governance using current available technology and possibilities - what would that look like?

What criteria would be used to evaluate what a good model of governance looks like? I think a basic premise would be that those affected by decisions must have the means to weigh in on them and that the governance measures must be provably sustainable - other thoughts?


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  • Apr 26 2011: What's so wrong with a hunter gatherer society? Can you imagine a world where you can literally completely provide for yourself and your family without interference? In my eyes, complete freedom is the only way to go. Build what you want to build, eat what you want to eat, go where you want to go. I feel like it's only the weakness of people fearing that they don't have what it takes to survive on their own that keeps us running to governments. Yes, life would be much simpler. Yes, life would be less social. Yes, life would be full of issues that you yourself, God forbid, would have to deal with. Our society's and government's structure has changed incredibly and became wildly complex over the years. But change is not always progress.
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      Apr 26 2011: exactly. if a community loved itself, its diversity would provide for itself in everyway. but we find reasons to put borders, community zones, and brick walls all the way down to the wall of your room to keep us from the world around us.
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        Apr 26 2011: Hi Tim...................Once I had someone ask me "Where do you end and space begins ?" I guess that is why we have rooms...if we want to be alone or limit who joins us.
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          Apr 27 2011: i got nothing against rooms i should say, they are fun to fill the space they create, but what i was getting at is we seem to think we need more and more borders between eachother and more laws to enforce said walls.
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        Apr 26 2011: Tim..I love this.

        ." if a community loved itself, its diversity would provide for itself in everyway."

        that is the essence..the source..so simply and beauifully said.
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        Apr 27 2011: Tim I getcha. I have never really answered that question to my satisfaction.
    • Apr 26 2011: A study I've seen on this idea supposedly showed that the average (in the case I read), Americans, would not want to find their own food, nor build their own shelters. From this, I realized that if these societies change in new, creative and better ways, I, along with everyone else who is of a certain age, generation or group, must be willing and agreeable to the fact that I will be one whose life is going to be upset and unbalanced the most and most likely, in many disagreeable, irritating ways, that make my life run much less than smoothly. Many new changes may seem like they don't make any sense. There is going to be an overlap between generations somewhere, before and until, it really smooths out and begins to settle into what we envision now, that it could be, and those who are going to be phased out, will be most affected. How long for this? Who knows. They/we/I, must accept this if they/we/I, really aren't just talking out the sides of our mouths. When in fact I speak to those I know of these kinds of changes, they are immediately, and I mean immediately, upset, angry, spiteful, dismissive, contemptuous and other kinds of adjectives. This, I cannot seem to get through to them. This has to start now, it has to. Better later than sorry doesn't work 'cause now, later is too late. I know that realistically and also philosophically, there is no such thing as complete and total freedom but I do think humans should work for creating something, or rather learning how to "allow" something as close as possible to complete freedom as they can live with and live by. This involves practicing patience and tolerance, and with them, gaining understanding and knowledge and through these, maybe finding the deeper and I think, very real connections that make us, or show us, that we are one and not separate as we feel, and have existed and have not been able to come together without killing one another, or just killing, i.e. trust, spirit, childlike-wonder as we age, etc.
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      Apr 26 2011: There is truth in what you say Branden..my island wilderness preserve here in Maine is a continual wild harvest of mushrooms, lobsters, clams,mussels, blueberries, blackberries, stripped bass jumping in my cove..Folk who shop at whole food markets who come to visit are thrilled to know how to harvest l,ettuce or pick peas or recognize a porcini within its spongy disguise...it's amazing how many CEO's and hi -powered folk come here just to rest but find real joy in becoming hunter gathere's again..It's almost like a memory that lives in us somehow. I feel it every day here. Put that tigether with Tim's remarkably beutiful statement that a community that loves itself feeds and houses all..and Y Yolanda's tribal mother wisdom and we start someplace that is worth building from..of course not reverting to "primitive life" but living closer to, governing ourselves closer to what lives in each of us and wants to speak"

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