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Reinventing government - what would it look like?

If we were to start from scratch and invent a new model of national governance using current available technology and possibilities - what would that look like?

What criteria would be used to evaluate what a good model of governance looks like? I think a basic premise would be that those affected by decisions must have the means to weigh in on them and that the governance measures must be provably sustainable - other thoughts?


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  • Apr 21 2011: Governence doesn't really have to do with technology and everything to do with people. It seems to me that most of the ideas expressed in this forum have to do with more fairly distributing power. However, almost everyones response has been to simply move power from one group to another so as to give themselves the most influence. If you really want to gain more influence then the goal should be to have as many competing factions as possible, because the fewer there are, then the less likely it is that your opinion will matter. If politicians are underhanded/transparent in dealing with each other or the people, then all it does is add/remove an extra dimension to/from the problem. This also seems to be a general theme as most of the suggestions below amount to removing some dimensions and adding others. The idea that it is the people against the corporations or governments is silly because the people are not the only group they have to deal with. The people act more as a power base for when the corporations and governments battle one another. He who controls the ideas of the people wins. The institutions act just like people, they do what is in their best interest. With that said, I would think the best I idea would be to encourage policies that cause them to compete more, not less. That would throw out one world government as well as lasse-faire; due to lasse-faire resulting in a monopoly if government doesn't intervene. Would like to hear your thoughts.
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      Apr 23 2011: the more diversity the better the system works?? wisdom there I think..coiuld you flesh that out a bit more for us???

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