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Reinventing government - what would it look like?

If we were to start from scratch and invent a new model of national governance using current available technology and possibilities - what would that look like?

What criteria would be used to evaluate what a good model of governance looks like? I think a basic premise would be that those affected by decisions must have the means to weigh in on them and that the governance measures must be provably sustainable - other thoughts?


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    Apr 20 2011: Perhaps we could start with a list of basic priorities? If current governments gave thier list of priorities (backed up by facts), imagine what that would look like!

    The internet, while it can be used as a tool, is not trully democratic as some of us have much greater access to it than others, thus it should not be relied on too heavily.

    Democracy is not healthy unless dissent is welcome and the media are accountable for misleading the people as they currently do. I actually began a MA in Journalism and quit in disgust; they are taught to misrepresent the truth even as they discuss ethics!

    Polititians should be accountable for thier actions, for example, if they lead the country into a war against the wishes of the majority of the people, leading to many deaths, they should go to jail like any other thug!
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      Apr 20 2011: I like the idea of priorities. Every policy requiring spending should be established with a priority attached relative to other policies. This way, when something needs to be cut from the budget, there does not need to be discussion. The budget is cut from the lowest priority items first. If a priority can not be established, then a policy has not been thought through enough.
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        Apr 23 2011: Your are sooooo right on target on this Drew. We have allowed our federal laws to grow into a muliti headed hydra..a fragmented disconnected incoherent system. We have too many laws and we turn to law so readily to solve problems. We need to radically rethink how something becomes federal law and reconnect it to the will of the people.

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