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Reinventing government - what would it look like?

If we were to start from scratch and invent a new model of national governance using current available technology and possibilities - what would that look like?

What criteria would be used to evaluate what a good model of governance looks like? I think a basic premise would be that those affected by decisions must have the means to weigh in on them and that the governance measures must be provably sustainable - other thoughts?


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    Apr 19 2011: From a legal perspective I think the rule of law is important and constitutionally, a clear seperation of powers is a must.

    The rule of law will ensure that everyone, including the state, is subjuect to the law and no one is above the law

    A clear seperation of powers (the United States I think is a good example) ensures that there is no abuse or arbitrary use of power by the seperate branches of government (the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary). In New Zealand there is a huge overlap between the Legislature and the Executive which (before the 'mixed-member proportional' voting system was adopted) allowed the government to pass virtually and controversial law it wanted to as cabinet dominated parliament. The United States has a distinct seperation of powers where Congress passes legislation and the Executive administers the law. They have a good system of checks and balances that keeps the system honest.

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