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Reinventing government - what would it look like?

If we were to start from scratch and invent a new model of national governance using current available technology and possibilities - what would that look like?

What criteria would be used to evaluate what a good model of governance looks like? I think a basic premise would be that those affected by decisions must have the means to weigh in on them and that the governance measures must be provably sustainable - other thoughts?


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    Apr 16 2011: One important, the most important in my perspective, aspect will be to promote long term thinking by governments. Today they have to sell their ideas again in every election and they have problems talking about the big issues on our time.

    I think that we, the citizens, have to be better of telling our political leaders that we will trust them and vote for them again even it they make the hard choices. But most people don't think like that yet. And that's a challenge for our movement.

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