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Can sleep and dreaming help in removing useless memories?

Recent researches have shown that sleep helps in unloading of memories. Can sleep and dreaming process be so controlled that the painful memories could be removed?

Deep sleep and meditation may have similar characteristcs as explainesd in this article.

Is it possible that sleep may help first in removing the useless memories and then remebering the dreams may remove others. This is just an idea for debate and discussion.

  • Sep 13 2013: Interesting thought. There are other ways but.............................. Maybe there needs to be more comments to better understand your idea. I do lucid dreaming, and that makes the dream more real, and one would seek that it be more memorable. Of course, these are not derams I wish to forget.
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    Sep 30 2013: Yes.

    Meditate on the useless memory as you descend into sleep.

    This will not be easy, and will probably take a few months - you are already averted to this memory, and your mind will take every opportunity to escape.
    It will not be a pleasant experience, so discipline will be needed.
    It might help to use a recording to reinforce the intention - play it with headphones to prime the dream sequence.
    If the recording ends before sleep - re-start it.

    In the dream state, all connection to physical outcomes is disconnected - this leaves the mental map-space free to conduct re-combination free of momentary short-term advantage motives - in essence you are freed from the short term to prepare for the long term.

    The resulting combinations formed in un-moderated map-space will pre-potentiate successful choices in the following day.
    For these strategies to fully take hold requires strong synaptic pathways - takes time to establish and will not form in waking hours. The connection will require the calcium channel - takes time.
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    Sep 29 2013: If the memories are painful then the emotions attached to it is of great importance, instead of practically overcoming of the issues if the memory is removed the emotions attached to it is then also removed, in this situation you are making your mind more vulnerable of how to react and will get confused.
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    Sep 29 2013: You may be interested in this TED Talk:
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    Sep 14 2013: Thank you for your article. I do think sleeping can make me healthy and energetic. Every morning, when I wake up , it's the pleasant feeling that I've forgotten some unhappiness and pains in my dream. However, I sometimes forget some useful messages after my sleeping ,too(like English words or date of appointments). :) And how about mesmerization? which is more effective to remove people's useless memories?
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      Sep 30 2013: Mesmerization cannot remove memories.
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        Sep 30 2013: memories can't actually be removed.
        They CAN be modified, and in fact they are modified every time you recall them. Just as a sheep will cut a path in the grass by walking there.

        If another pathway is established that over-powers a specific memory, then that memory will atrophy over time.

        When I talk about pathways .. I am not just talking about a single path .. it is more like where a path is practical in a mountain-pass - the actual topology of memory includes the mountains as well as the valleys - a new pass is established that gets you there quicker than the old one - the old mountains remain except for where the new pass is cut.

        In neuron-space this is millions of neurons and the topology between them defining what is mountain and what is valley.

        Our thoughts are rivers finding their way to the sea.
  • Sep 13 2013: I have studied and practiced hypnotism and do not believe memories are lost unless there is physical damage. During sleep memories are accessed and prioritized for there usefulness in the conscious mind which is just your temporary plan for the next waking state. Every time you go to sleep you create a new consciousness.
    Think of the sub-conscious as everything on your hard drive (everything that ever happened to you) and the consciousness as everything currently in your RAM.
    With hypnosis we bypass the consciousness and go straight to the hard drive. As you can imagine the effects on the person can be profound, so do not even think of doing it for fun. IMHO It should not be used as a parlor trick used for entertainment.
    With meditation we basically clear the RAM so the mind can work full time (focus) on a few tasks.
  • Sep 13 2013: Hello, Anil Rajvanshi:) I once heard the words you mentioned. I am not the expertise in this medical field, but it is inevitable that sleep plays a huge role in our lives. Although I have some worries or difficulties, once I fall asleep and next morning, I feel better. I think this is because brain organizes some useless memories and negative thoughts in our head. So when I am opening my eyes in the morning, I usually say "Today is the best day of my life!" :)