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Ken mentioned he was dumbfounded by Obama's rhetoric. Are Americans oblivious to imperialism?



The main factor in conflict is that it is created by someone other than the apparent enemies as illustrated by the article. It also indicates that the most likely instigator is the one making the instigations as with Johnson and the Vietnam war or Lincoln and the Civil War or Polk and the Mexican American War.

Also mentioned in the article is how american foreign policy starting with Wilson has followed the same M.O.


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    Sep 13 2013: Oh um Pat, i need to put one small thing straight otherwise i'm fine with everything. I was referring to the small commercial released by some group that PBS aired in that newshour link, not what O said. I don't actually listen to what the leaders state in their addresses and O's is pretty much what the anchors state before they air these addresses. It all sounds prerecorded to me as my countries leaders has the media beatup down pretty good.

    It's the beatup that is getting to the public, the feeling of being lied to or misdirected. That article has some damning information regarding Pearl Harbor, that's a new one for me and close to unbelievable which usually is close to the truth as was the revelation of the British released secret eavesdropping files on the WW2 POW german generals and officers.

    They have one card up their sleeve, they might not be able to reveal their sources due to national security but since Assad has alluded to having a stockpile the evidence for it's use must be furnished. It all looks like a feeding frenzy for Kerry and the Russians. Two years of backwards and forwards babbling and suddenly everyone is coming to the table.
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      Sep 14 2013: I understand ultimately it did come from O.

      WMDs were also a thin reason to go to war and as it turned out non existent. As well as Johnson flat out lying regarding the gulf of Tonkin.

      The Austrians say that war is the single biggest threat to a free world. Surprising I would think it would be central banks albeit hard to distinguish between the two.

      I suppose as there is more and more trade there will be less reason for imperialism.

      Where was the information about the German officers at?
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        Sep 16 2013: Oh, it's nothing revelational but for the times it would have been sensational if it was to be made public after the war at the trials.

        PBS, Secrets of the dead. Bugging Hitler's army


        One of my Governments in 90's put a moratorium on a archaeological site found on my peoples natural territory, that's a 50 year lock down where no data or any media anywhere can be used or accessed about the site. I know it's outside the topic but you can see the Q that comes to mind.

        Why? if it's archaeological then what could be there that the govt had to step in? It's not conspiracy and i've seen the Doco released on our televisions back then before the moratorium was put in place so, there's no secret base or anything but it scared the govt enough to put one in place.
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          Sep 17 2013: Somebody had something to hide. In this country the elected officials make way too much "classified" to hide their transgressions. The public officials should be held to a modicum of truth.

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