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I think that 'we' should make a website,where a person will be given a scenario, and then they will say what they think will happen.

I am just putting the idea out there...
What if a game was created where when a person goes onto the game and they are given a statement, for example- To get rid of world hunger, all found houseless people are executed. Then the person says what they think will happen after that. And instead of people waiting for employees of the company that are being told what they think will happen, the person will be allowed to browse other peoples ideas of what will happen, and then discuss or argue with that person about what they think will really happen.

The point of this is that people could be given what they think we should do. Like solving world hunger. It could be the statement of the website for one week- How to solve world hunger.- and then the top ten answers, or the 'best' answers could be recorded by computers that are part of the company/companies that put this website together. Then maybe over the next 10 days the statements will be giving the scenario of humans fixing world hunger in THIS way, and people could respond and say their reasoning on whether the 'solution' to world hunger is bad or good and then explain why they think that, and what the effects of the 'solution' will have on the planet and the human species as a whole. But world hunger is just an example. I think that if this website was created and we had people go on it and say what they think about the problem or scenario listed then the company/companies or whoever has the server/computer which is containing the information could apply the thoughts of the best answers statistically after having tested it using a small dummy version, (maybe actually using dolls), to see what will actually happen, maybe putting together more than one idea or maybe using just a single idea.

This is just an idea... and if you cannot understand it please tell me to clarify a the part of it you don't understand.

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    Sep 12 2013: I think there is a game of this kind and will look for the link. Here we go:

    What do you think?

    Another site that might interest you also is OpenIDEO. They post challenges and the whole community puts forward inspirations for solutions, then people craft solutions, then they give each other feedback and ask questions, and then a panel chooses the best 10 or 12.