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When you watch this video about Ron Macullum who was blind at birth, it does inspire you to do something positive about your life

I was inspired by Ted Macullum from Australia who was blind at birth. Surfing in my head for a while now was my plan to work on my Proposal of being a motivational speaker. Suddenly this TED page appear in front of me and I decided to explore it a little further. Turns out that this is something I was wishing to have to enhance my medium. Mhhm! I guess there are object and elements out there that you can use to put our mind project together so that it can become an active and successful one. Although I know what I want, I need to use my imagination and resources to bring it together. Recently I met some very important people who could direct me on how to proceed with this project. I always believe that people are in your life for a reason and that I am destined to fulfill my intended goals. It does not hurt to search and research for these resources. Eventually you will see it all coming together in a beautiful way. Thank You TedX for your contribution. I will use this medium to create my own was something that I was looking for a long time now.

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    Sep 14 2013: Actually it just inspired me to establish a system that we may call My Blind Buddy". I just wrote the details of it in my comment to Mr.McCallum's talk. I am quoting the relative parts of it. (If anybody is interested in taking part in or contributing to such an organisation, with his/her proposal, comments,experience or financial means, please contact me. I will try to find out how we can realise such a project. I just noted down some ideas:

    "...So this talk inspired me to imagine an organisation where one blind person from a country becomes a "buddy" of another blind one in another country.Something in a way similar to the "buddy check" system available in diving where these two buddies keep an eye on each other underwater. We can call our system something like "My Blind Buddy" and each buddy should have a mission to seek to contribute to the life of the other. If one is from a developped and the other less developped country the better.

    Of course the "buddy" from the developped world might seem to be less advantageous in such a partnership but this way, he or she not only finds a life-long friend but also discovers the pleasure of contributing to the life of someone else like him or her, yet who is much less fortunate. This will give a different meaning to their lives and they will surely also discover that instances that seem like misfortune can sometimes be totally irrelevant when one finds out the extraordinary abilities gained through disabilities.Just like Mr. McCallum who definitaley gained the extraordinary abiltiy to inspire for making a change in the world for the disabled.",