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Are woman in mainstream music good role models for young girls?

I am so puzzled why so many young girls seem to think that female pop stars who are plastered on the radio and TV are considered role models in this day in age? I certainly wouldn't look up to them and certainly wouldn't want my children (if I had any) to be following their action.
Although that is just my opinion, do you think that there is any good coming from these so called "role models"



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  • Sep 28 2013: Are mothers good role models for young girls? Are teachers? Are soldiers? Are doctors? It depends on who the individual in question is. No profession is monolithic in the nature of its influence. Who gets to determine what a "good" role model is and what are they going to do about it once they've made that determination? The world is and always has been filled with a wide array of choices as to how to live our lives. Teaching children how to think critically is much more important than protecting them from any set of "bad" influences. They're going to be exposed to those no matter how you try to shield them. The best we can do is teach them how to make self-empowering choices without restricting the freedom of others which is what your question implies.

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