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Are woman in mainstream music good role models for young girls?

I am so puzzled why so many young girls seem to think that female pop stars who are plastered on the radio and TV are considered role models in this day in age? I certainly wouldn't look up to them and certainly wouldn't want my children (if I had any) to be following their action.
Although that is just my opinion, do you think that there is any good coming from these so called "role models"



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  • Sep 13 2013: What happened to the days when they're was dignity, respect, when people fought for what they stood up for, when musicians talked about love, peace, a world in which there is equality. Young girls of today mimic the characters of main stream musicians thinking that it is how life really is. The main stream musicians are far from role models to young girls. First of all you need to figure out the true meaning of the word role model and realise that these musicians have no qualities in terms of by the way they live, the things they say. In music videos the provocative ways they dress make young girls think that it is ok and the way their parents dress is of the old days. That life...life is just about partying, drinking. Terms like YOLO come up and end up being misinterpreted. If you only live once why not use it in a righteous way but the mainstream musicians twist it and make it seem if you only live once then go ahead and be careless with your life. Personally i do not think there is anything good coming from this so called role models.
    • Sep 13 2013: impulsive society reflected by impulsive mediums, when reflection and substance becomes hip again this will end.. hopefully it's soon, I think a large chunk of the population (even within mainstream target audiences) is sick of the entertainment devoid of thought and respect of the craft.

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