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Are woman in mainstream music good role models for young girls?

I am so puzzled why so many young girls seem to think that female pop stars who are plastered on the radio and TV are considered role models in this day in age? I certainly wouldn't look up to them and certainly wouldn't want my children (if I had any) to be following their action.
Although that is just my opinion, do you think that there is any good coming from these so called "role models"



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    Sep 13 2013: I think Adele is a good role model, if she dosen't fall prey to using the pain of normal partner heartaches to fuel her creativity too much. There's this saying that is quite apt " Great pain makes great art"
    • Sep 13 2013: It would be nice if music could step outside of human relation dependency (love and/or loss of individuals). I'd like some philosophical music devoid of specific emotion and more emphasizing sensations.

      Sometimes you can't relate to a piece of art and that is perfectly acceptable (visual pieces usually) it would be nice if more music was like that so we could get some differentiation.

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