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Are woman in mainstream music good role models for young girls?

I am so puzzled why so many young girls seem to think that female pop stars who are plastered on the radio and TV are considered role models in this day in age? I certainly wouldn't look up to them and certainly wouldn't want my children (if I had any) to be following their action.
Although that is just my opinion, do you think that there is any good coming from these so called "role models"



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  • Sep 13 2013: The wrong behaviors are being paramounted, ie miley cyrus. We are elevating reactionary behavior, and usually reactionary behavior is akin to criminal or immoral activity.

    Legitimate talent is processed, but even if you are trying to make an argument about what miley cryus did as something of legitimate you can't analyze what is talented about it because you view it in instantaneous actions which you reacted to.

    It's an obvious band-aid for lack of talent and i only hope it incites a movement toward respect of the craft.

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