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What is your favorite city to explore on foot?

Upcoming TEDCity2.0 speaker Jeff Speck believes that "walkability" is what makes cities thrive. http://blog.ted.com/2013/09/09/the-most-walkable-cities-in-the-world/


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  • Sep 19 2013: I grew up in London, England, and although there is plenty of public transport which you can use, some of my favourite memories from my teen years involve myself and my friends wondering aimlessly around London on foot, discovering how the different parts of Central London link up in ways you wouldn't expect or realise based on the tube map. For example, on the tube from Waterloo (next to the London Eye) to Convent Garden is fairly complicated because of how the tube lines are laid out, but walking doesn't take very long and it is quite a nice one. I'm now 17 and living in Portsmouth, England, which is also cool to explore on foot, as it is very flat! I enjoy the fact that you can walk from the Beach into the city centre in about 20 minutes and if you wouldn't even know the beach was there if you didn't just walk from it.

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