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What is your favorite city to explore on foot?

Upcoming TEDCity2.0 speaker Jeff Speck believes that "walkability" is what makes cities thrive. http://blog.ted.com/2013/09/09/the-most-walkable-cities-in-the-world/


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    Sep 13 2013: I have been to neither, but I read this morning in This Big City that the residents of Copenhagen walk, on average, 52 minutes a day (though cycling is the main reason among those who do not walk much) and people in Barcelona walk on average 48 minutes per day.
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      Sep 13 2013: Thank you! The timing puts the walking in perspective. I'm curious about how much people walk in NYC and in Paris too.
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        Sep 13 2013: When I went to Paris thirty years ago, everyone advised me to use the subway, as it was so convenient.

        Instead I walked everywhere. My only hop onto a train was when I went to see Versaille.

        There may be less walking when public transportation is good and when cycling is convenient.

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