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Runway or Another

The fashion industry demonstrates that the "power of image" can be used to re-enforce what appears to be an exclusive idea of beauty. If image can be used to promote an exclusive idea of beauty, could image not also be used to promote an inclusive idea of beauty? In what ways can image be used to express a more inclusive idea of beauty?

If image can be used one way, it can be used another.

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    Sep 13 2013: Casey, The inclusive VS exclusive ideas is dependent upon if you allow others to determine this for you. If you buy the concept that models are the "standard" and we should all be six feet tall and weigh 120 pounds ... or you buy into the ads that use a thirteen year old girl for the perfect skin .... then I suggest that your ego is in for a big hit. On the male side we have been sold that you must be young .. not shave ... uncombed hair ... and a attitude from hell.

    Doing these things do not make you better. Be the best you that you can be. Don't buy the hype. If someone does not like you for your cloths, skin, color, size, etc ... do you really want them as friends. They are so shallow and fake they will find something else wrong about you to make them feel good.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Sep 12 2013: My favorite photographer is Steve McCurry. Look at his portraits and tell me if those images promote an inclusive idea of beauty to you.

    EDIT An example:
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      Sep 13 2013: Fritzie,

      Yes! That is a perfect example! :-)