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How does it feel to live in a smaller, or a less powerful, country?

I've lived all my life in the United States, the world's most important country in my lifetime. I suppose some of it rubs off, by living in an important country I feel important. I wonder how people feel in smaller, less powerful countries, do they feel unimportant because their country is not as powerful, do they have a grudge against more powerful countries because they are more powerful, do they have an eagerness to prove they are just as good as people from more powerful countries, or that their country is just as good, do they not care or see advantages in being from a less prominent country?


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    Sep 16 2013: the idea of countries has passed it's used-by date
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      Oct 12 2013: Perhaps, but about 20 new or redrawn countries have appeared, just in Europe, in the past 25 years, and several more in Asia. The growing tendency seems to be that each ethnic group wants to be a separate country. So much for multiculturalism.

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