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Is trolling the start of sociopathic behaviour?

As we are losing the social interaction skills that were previously developed over time from social environments like play and outdoor games, with online gaming and social networking, are we encouraging a lack of accountability for sociopathic behaviour online?

Do we need do include social skills as an agreed part of educational programmes?

For example in traditional social environments a bully could be held accountable and shunned or even defended against, in cyber bulling there is little if any backlash which can result in a feeling of immunity to the social norms, and as such sociopathic behaviour can be dismissed as trolling.


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  • Sep 13 2013: I think it's an element of expression and this leads to socialization. Obviously this kind of dialogue can't manifest in a reality where physical harm is likely :), but if this kind of individual did not have this kind of outlet they would be pushed into an asocial world which would be the perfect habitat to cultivate and complete the sociopathic condition.

    Moreover its my assumption that people who troll generally do so in jest and develop a personal bond that would deter a general hatred of people and instead a non-violent method of dealing with the discontent of the human condition (ie they are therapeutically venting).

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