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Could solar power utilize the external walls and roof to collect the heat needed to generate the power for that building or cars?

Our cars get so hot particularly when parked in the sun all day surely this heat could be captured to power the vehicle. The same with our roofs and walls they all get full sun when ever the sun is out. It seems we spend a lot of time and money looking for the right substance to use when we have so many buildings and vehicles already in use that are that always hot including our pavements and roads. Could we use the heat that is already being absorbed to solve the solar power problem quicker.


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    Sep 12 2013: Average solar energy per square metre is about 160watts. Energy usage by a car is more like 20,000watts so for every hour you run your car you need about 125 square metre hours of sunlight. So if you can fit 6 square metres of panels to your car you could drive for an hour every 20 hour of sunlight. So don't plan any long trips.

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