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Is health more socially determined then based upon genetic characteristics?

health is not based just on the sickness or healthy level in a person, but would health be more impacted with the social determents or genetics and learnt behaviour?

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    Sep 15 2013: See "The Ghost in the Gene"
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    Sep 14 2013: Another example is some diseases couldn't be cured in the past. but with the development of medical science, they can be cured in nowadays.People's life expectancy has been increased.
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    Sep 14 2013: .

    Good health is determined by our instincts in DNA.
    Instincts are our ancestors' successful experiences.

    If social activity interferes with a person's instincts, he/she will be unhealthy.
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    Sep 13 2013: And I think with the development of advanced technologies and pharmaceutical research, people may use some equipment or medicine to counteract some social stress on their physical health effectively. This is the positive part of what the society brings to people.
  • Sep 13 2013: If you are comparing, say the Congo to France then Yes - the environment/society/developmental level of the society plays a major role on the health of the population. If you are comparing France to Germany, then genetics may well play a more important role.

    Good example is smoking - most people who smoke develop major problems but some do not and it seems the genetics plays a major role in this area.
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    Sep 12 2013: Yes,I think so. Because human beings are different from animals, they live in cultural society thus have to deal with all kinds of stress from relevant social groups. Mental health has huge impact on people's physical conditions. If a person always works in unhealthy environment and lives with intense unhappy family relations , no matter how healthy he was born,he will finally break down earlier than he lives in a harmonious living environment.
  • Sep 12 2013: We need to weigh this just like anything else.
  • Sep 12 2013: that may be something which varies depending on the environment and bahavior of the individual as well as genetics. moreover it is something more likely to be understood by scientific enquiry rather than debate. though it is a good point of speculation.