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Consider to create a program to encourage expression of gratitude among employees in large organizations

It is a proven fact that expressing gratitude meaningfully can do wonders in productivity as well as in emotional health.

Large organizations can easily achieve a higher level of gratitude, happiness and productivity among employees by creating a simple human resource development program that helps in developing habit of thanking.

Such a program can be easily rolled out using 1-2 hour training combined with a web+mobile based software that would help employees to thank in meaningful, thoughtful, playful, traditional, warm, yet contemporary and cool manner. Think "business casual thanking".

The software platform can remind, pop ideas to thank, share the gratitude and maintain a publicly view-able gratitude journal and many more things to make it interesting and inspiring to thank.

I am creating such a software platform and looking for what industry leaders think about it.

Thanks for all the feedback so far.
Please note I am not suggesting to replace face-to-face thanking or any other form of thanking. I am just trying to add one more way of thanking. Nothing to do with employer-employee relation. It s not to be combined with employee review. It is just a way to introduce some fun in the everyday life.
It will work on group psychology. You will see the uplifting of groups morale and emotional state.
I am not proposing this as a "have-to-do" thing for employees to please management. This is a tool to bring some fun with gratitude.

It is not automatically generated thanking. It is people thanking people through one more way.

I think I should create a video to clarify what I am proposing and what is possible.


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  • Sep 12 2013: How about a gratitude program for employers to show and bestow gratitude upon their workers by
    paying them enough money so that before they head off to their job, they can be grateful in the knowledge
    they can focus very well on doing their job because they know it is going to take care of them?
    I can not pay my bills with "employee of the month" stubs, pictures or documents, nor can I take care of other
    bills with gratitude for having them.
    Put that before industry leaders and find out what they think about it.
    They will laugh at it, most of them.
    Those who extoll the virtues of slavery never partake in being a slave.

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