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What is the philosophy of logic?

Logic seems to be more of a science than a philosophy, yet there are logicians and people that live solely by logic. How would you put the philosophy of logic into words? Can logic be a tangible idea? Or a way of life?
I would like answers in the form of definitions, quotations or your ideas on the subject at hand.

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    Sep 13 2013: the analitycal logic is the essence of philosophy , the analytical philosophy is the mental health of logic. the philosophical logic with logical philosophy together can be the essence mental health to the absolute ethic ?
  • Sep 12 2013: You start off with a set of axioms (need to prove they are actually axioms) and start proving things logically.
  • Sep 12 2013: Logic is what makes the difference between thoughts and organised thinking, build by concepts deeply linked. And yes! It could be a way of life because, when you become familiar with it, you sometimes feel that you can't do without. I would have preferred to use a quotation clearer than my explanation but, however, I hope it will be appreciated.
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    Sep 12 2013: Logic is the study of Argument, specifically the validity of the inference; Logic is NOT the study of the Truth of premises.
  • Sep 12 2013: Perhaps, living by rational thought.

    I think logic is a tangible thought. I think it is a structured form of rationalizing and interpreting information.

    I am not sure a person can consistently override their feelings, emotions, and sensory inputs to live a purely logical life.

    If Fritzie is right about the source of this question, here are a few links:
  • Sep 12 2013: There are so many books out there. Are you interested in logic or epistomology?
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    Sep 12 2013: I think philosophy can manifest logic. They are different kinds of logic.
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    Sep 11 2013: it is part of human intelligence
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    Sep 11 2013: ... to stay coherent.
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    Sep 11 2013: probably those areas you call philosophy should not exist. philosophy should be completely exact, very akin to logic. any non-rigorous philosophy is either religion or meaningless "postmodern" babbling.

    philosophy should be clean and simple. it is the part of rational thinking that is not related to the observable world. the question whether there is water on the moon is outside of the reach of the mind. we need to go there and observe. philosophy is everything we can deduce without observations.
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    Sep 11 2013: Is this by any chance for your Theory of Knowledge or IB Philosophy class in high school? If it is, you will find lots of resources online, including anthologies on the philosophy of logic, which you can cite in your paper, but otherwise these IB papers are supposed to represent your OWN ideas and reasoning, based on source materials.

    If this is not for a paper for school, excuse me. We occasionally get such posts from high school students who are reluctant to do their own thinking!
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    Sep 11 2013: Logic is based on knowledge while knowledge is limited by our understanding, what philosophy would that be?