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What if we could combine both of these two ideas that Jinha Lee and Sergey Brin present in order to create a digital world?

What if we were able to combine these two ideas to create a digital world? For example what if we were able to control objects digitally through the use of just wearing Google Glass. If we created a digital system house we could move objects around our house digitally just through the use of commanding it to through a headset like Google glass. We could use hand motions through Google Glass to select different tasks or objects.


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    Sep 12 2013: This would be possible... Use the front camera on Gglass to track your finger/Gestures. and use the internal (almost hidden) camera to track your eyeball/glance.

    It would be even better if GGlass had a stereoscopic camera to triangulate or extract better depth-from-stereo a la kinect.
    However, all these uses pale in comparison if Google were to ever release a true see-thru AR visor - Then we could resurrect the dead - digitally, and interact with them.

    That's one controversial area of Augmented Reality that no one's touched (no pun intended) on yet.
    (I'ts in my hard science story "Memories with Maya")
    • Sep 12 2013: That is very interesting. Resurrecting the dead? The only problem I see with something along that lines is the human capacity of Earth and if we did this there would be no more space. Although I do like the lines of where you are going with this an the augmented reality!

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