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What if we could combine both of these two ideas that Jinha Lee and Sergey Brin present in order to create a digital world?

What if we were able to combine these two ideas to create a digital world? For example what if we were able to control objects digitally through the use of just wearing Google Glass. If we created a digital system house we could move objects around our house digitally just through the use of commanding it to through a headset like Google glass. We could use hand motions through Google Glass to select different tasks or objects.


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    Sep 11 2013: Whats wrong with the world we already have? :o)
    • Sep 12 2013: Currently there are a few problems in the world, but with this ability to move objects electronically with a headset such as Google glass then we could bring to life the childhood dream of having the superhero power of telekinesis. Also if it were far enough advanced then we would eliminate the work required when moving heavy furniture around the house or you could digitally move the dishware around and set the table for dinner. There could be many different fun and practical uses for this.
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        Sep 12 2013: Yes, there are a view problems in the world, currently ...

        None of those I consider as such requires telekinesis for them to be solved. But thats me. Also just me would not like to have furniture and tableware out of metal because I like the touch and warmth of wood and the elegance of ceramic. I do not consider it a healthy environment to live in between electromagnetically chargeable capacitor plates which my rooms had to transform into in order to move my carbon-steel paper-clips around. I also love my stainless steel cutlery, which isn't ferromagnetic and don't wish to replace it by a version which is, or even to live in between even worse capacity plates who would need induction in order to trigger paramagnetic reactions within nonferrous metals to levitate them. Besides the tremendous installation costs to upgrade our houses to be compatible with those digital gimmicks, where is all the energy coming from to make us feel like superheros before we turn into even more lazy blobs...?

        I think all this energy could have more practical use to be spend on, for instance to help those who haven't much to need even a single spoon for and which are part of the view problems there are in the world we already have ...

        And hey, Jedi moves are only fun when the toy who simulates them is new. Two month later nobody will be impressed by it, not even you yourself ... :o)

        So as long anti-gravitation and inexhaustible green energy sources are still waiting for their discovery, we should keep using our hands to move things around in good old fashion ... :o)

        And honestly, i don't wish Google or any other big company to touch anything in our homes. Because once they do, it will become their intellectual property how we live in them, sooner or later, to make us pay for it ... :o)
        • Sep 12 2013: That is very true! I agree with you now that you present some very good points on everything having to be made out of metal and the energy that it would require to make this work. Do you think that there is any other current world problems that we could use this technology for like maybe using it to find alternative energy sources?

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