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What if we could combine both of these two ideas that Jinha Lee and Sergey Brin present in order to create a digital world?

What if we were able to combine these two ideas to create a digital world? For example what if we were able to control objects digitally through the use of just wearing Google Glass. If we created a digital system house we could move objects around our house digitally just through the use of commanding it to through a headset like Google glass. We could use hand motions through Google Glass to select different tasks or objects.


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  • Sep 11 2013: Are you saying controlling, say switches, by selecting using google glasses? How will things be moved like say a 20 ton part for a locomotive? by robots controlled by us through the glasses, better using a computer and artificial intelligence. If you are talking about 1 time events/tasks, wouldn't it be better to control it by other means?

    what would be the advantage of google glasses?
    • Sep 12 2013: The reason that I suggested using Google glass is because in order to control the digital things we need to have some sort of control panel or wireless remote that would be easily accessible. Google glass would be a great way to control this since it might be something that everyone would already be using and it sits on your head so its hands free.

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