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Is it possible to rewild nature by allowing wild mustangs to live, and, at the same time, rewild man by reintroducing cowboys to the plains?

I know it may sound ridiculous but hear me out. Currently many wild mustangs and burros are slaughtered by the government for 'population control' ie to open up land for development. Through a combination of sound land management and natural horsemanship could we re-wild the land, man (and woman).

By having people adopt, train and care for horses we could make life much more interesting. It would be great to have a car free town someday, perhaps walkable neighborhoods, combined with bikes and horses, could provide 90% of our transport. There would still need to be trucks delivering goods, but one or two roads vs every building being surrounded by concrete. I know it's a dream, but someone needs to change the current progression direction.

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    Sep 13 2013: And I think they can let the horses or burros be sterilized instead of slaughting them. I really like wild animals and I think if I can see a Canadian mustang or burro in our zoos, that'll be great.
  • Sep 12 2013: This all involves a question of degree. Would it be so hard if adults were available to evaluate the consequences and weigh what will be done? Also, horses have waste like any other animals, and at one time it was expected for New York City to be buried in it.
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      Sep 12 2013: It's true that horses create waste. Though with the current popularity of urban farming we could turn it into a resource. Quite a few jobs would be created by the vast amounts of horse... waste.
      • Sep 13 2013: As we get more more and more people it's hard to have much of anything else unless....................
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          Sep 13 2013: Ha, well that was my reasoning for posting such a zany idea; to try to help people imagine differing possibilities. If we keep adding cars then the roads in our cities will quickly prove to be inadequate. Walking, biking and mass transit are the easiest, cheapest and most effective answers, though it's hard to get people out of their cars as they love their 'freedom to sit in traffic'
      • Sep 14 2013: Good point.
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    Sep 12 2013: " Currently many wild mustangs and burros are slaughtered by the government for 'population control' ie to open up land for development. "

    I'm very sorry to hear that. I think your govenment could export some surplus animals to other places. If your people are satisfied with their wild life, why should it be changed? It's your specialty and advantage in another view.
  • Sep 12 2013: so your saying you want people to go back in time?

    The best solution to rewild the world is to make more protected lands/waters with extremely limited hunting/fishing. As it is population control is mostly to prevent overpopulation, disease, etc.

    as for transit, I encourage a big push to get people using bikes and such in the cities, along with encouraging the use of public transit.
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      Sep 12 2013: Haha yes I know my questions a bit ridiculous. But my reasoning was that my somewhat insane idea might make people think a little bit about transportation. I agree with you that biking is the most logical and effective way to improve transportation, with so many beneficial side effects (such as improved community life, less air and noise pollution, improved citizen health...).

      I do think horses could provide for a small portion of peoples travels. I like the horse aspect as it is a great skill to be able to ride a horse (without a whip or burrs). I believe that driving is an unconscious activity and that it leads to a great dulling of an individuals awareness. Horse riding does the opposite (except perhaps for the occasional numb bottom).