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Could the publication of a persons life for others to read and view, have moral and mental health implications for those followed?

Memories form who we are as individuals, they give us our perspective, one of their most defining features is that they can be forgotten.

If we use technology to record every detail of our lives, through carefully constructed digital persona's, will we still be able to grow and evolve our identities naturally? Or will we be held in place by a need for consistency, that is enforced by the expectations of those around us?

For example, Fable, A 4 year old girl, has had only the best parts of her life documented up to this point as a popular blog by her mother, how could this affect her life?


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  • Sep 15 2013: I'd like to thank everyone for their contribution to this topic as it stands, I find it a difficult concept to truly pin down, and form a conclusive opinion on. What has been said so far has given me a lot to mull over!

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