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Could the publication of a persons life for others to read and view, have moral and mental health implications for those followed?

Memories form who we are as individuals, they give us our perspective, one of their most defining features is that they can be forgotten.

If we use technology to record every detail of our lives, through carefully constructed digital persona's, will we still be able to grow and evolve our identities naturally? Or will we be held in place by a need for consistency, that is enforced by the expectations of those around us?

For example, Fable, A 4 year old girl, has had only the best parts of her life documented up to this point as a popular blog by her mother, how could this affect her life?


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  • Sep 11 2013: Bringing up a child involves so many and various things that parents should probably think about what they do every day. I'm inclined to believe that a mother who loves her son more than herself is just expressing her feelings by using technology but, in order to take care about him, she cannot neglect the consequencies of her actions. Therefore, the question which stands out from your topic in my opinion is :"We do really need to share with the whole world what we feel?". The answer is "Obviously not!". Furthermore, another question has crossed my mind after that :"Are we really able to control the power of Internet?". Perhaps some people could reply that it's not a rethoric question and they deal with internet and are familiar with the risks one can take. It is supposed they didn't make a good point. Millions of children were raised in the past without technology and, even though it's so important for our life, we have to distinguish in which situation it's more useless than useful or harmful than advantageous. I strongly agree with the fact that micro-celebrities exist so why do I have to face the problems caused by what I intentionally did? I prefer to support and strenghten the last concept written by Stuart: "merely" some of these children will never deal with the bad consequencies, but what prompts you to think that others won't?"
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      Sep 11 2013: Stuarts concern is not, as I read it, that the mother is sharing about her four year old online but rather that she shares only the good parts rather than also the bad.

      If the relationship between the adults in the child's life is tense or rocky, that may pose more of a risk to the child than Mom's braggy blog.

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