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Do we judge quitters too harshly?

I have quit many things in my life. Bad Relationships, jobs that were not going anywhere, and even quit my walk of going into physical therapy school when I found my passion for music and the arts.

How can we make quitting more rewarding and not attack people for not wanting to stay stuck where they are?

What are the pros to quitting?

Does the quote: Winners never quit and Quitters never win really accurate?

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  • Sep 13 2013: Do we judge . . . too harshly? Fill in the blank and the answer is yes, because it is not our place to judge the choices others make. We can evaluate what we know about others' choices and offer criticism or support when the relationship makes it appropriate, but that assumes that we have some reasonable standard for making that evaluation. Evaluation is a personal assessment based on as-objective-as-possible criteria. Judgment is an exercise of the ego.

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