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Make Education Modern.

In modern society we have so many advantages to learning. Out of school I still love to learn, and in doing so have learned to utilize the internet to its fullest capabilities for self education. But looking back on my public education I cannot help but feel like it needs a little modernizing. Now what I propose may offend teachers because, well we just don't need as many as we did in the 20th century. Don't get me wrong teachers are necessary for a solid education. I have been coming to for a couple months now and one video inspired me greatly with my idea. a site where a small group of dedicated teachers have made video tutorials and practices for various subjects. this is a great step in the right direction. but here's a simple version of my own take and proposal for educational systems:
1. use personal tablets to eliminate the need to use paper, pens, pens, etc.
2. have an online classroom where you can do your work but still have the support of peers and teachers who are also doing similar subjects. this would eliminate distraction and encourage questions because you are less likely to be made fun of when all the people doing the same subject could be having similar issues. if people are not having problems with the subject they "level up" and can continue onto more advanced or in depth subject matter.
3. eliminate the classical classroom setting, but keep school open for social connecting. so when kids go to school they are going for physical education and social reasons. also for group hands on projects etc.
4. cut down on the amount of teachers, by enlisting college professors and other brilliant people in our communities, this will aid in a better education for all.
this is a rough idea of what, in my opinion would solve budgeting issues from government funding as well as create a more rounded and better education for every student.

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    Apr 14 2011: 1/2 Critical thought skills, please search engine this phrase!!! Basically though analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, question building skills, information filtering skills, and overall the ability to think open-ended. (Ages 4 - 7)

    Subject based learning revolved around major topics. Math, Science, Humanities, Philosophy, Psychology, Personal Health, Dance or Martial Art, Art (verbal/non-verbal), an additional language to be taught until mastered (Personally would want Mandarin or Spanish as secondary), World History, and/or World Religions. (Ages 7 - 12) [This is ideal because after 12 kids will DEFINITELY know what they like, dislike, and are talented at!]

    The art class would be of poetry and any other art involving words while also teaching how to express oneself without words in the form of painting or drawing! English class is non-sense, half of the above subjects require you to do what you would normally do in an English class. Writing, grammar, and reading skills can be developed during ages 4 - 12 in this system without a separate class. Even in today's curriculum English class is just an analytical reading class with structure writing practices.

    Democratic Education, Wikipedia!! Search Engine!! (As Lucas Avelleda posted) would/should be implemented for ages 12 - 18. This would allow unlimited education to be possible!!

    This system with the idea of internet at being the core teaching tool, F*** I get a mental high thinking about the potential.

    The hierarchy of text books must be thrown out the window!!!!


    Completely open for comments, complaints, opinions, view-points, and arguments! In fact they are appreciated.
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        Apr 14 2011: I'll do you one better, a hundred dollars to any student who proves a teacher wrong!
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        Apr 14 2011: lol Birdia that can be taken good and badly revise!
    • Apr 18 2011: Great response Nicholas, as expected others see the potential in to utilize internet as a basis for internet, there are obvious issues that need to be addressed with this system. (as pointed out by James) the use of power is a major concern, however considering this is a concept system there are evolutionary steps that need to be taken. Firstly this system will need to have designated software and websites. But the sky is the limit in terms of how to implement modern technology into educational systems. there are environmental and moral concerns to this system, but when one market falls another rises to take its place. As for putting people out of jobs, nicholas brings ups a great point that it requires work to maintain such a system and therefor it could possibly even CREATE more jobs, but also use less of a budget from the government because it would eliminate the need to buy books, and other such equipment. All in all it is a needed change to keep up with the world is an essential skill we need to teach our children young. thanks again for your responses and questions I am truly grateful!
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    Apr 13 2011: Ok, I see where you're heading with this; but it needs refinement. You say that kids would still go to school for social and physical activities, great, but would there still be teaching? How about have school still be school, but instead of requiring you to go to math, it's optional. Make each class one big open forum. So you have the kids who like math in the math class, 'cause let's face it kids that don't like math will never accomplish anything, and then they will talk about math and solve problems because they actually LIKE to do math. So basically school will be a large study hall for about 3-4 hours, then you would continue on.

    The online classroom is cool, but not hands on. It would require VERY expensive technology to get an immersible experience from computer monitors. And you would have to educate everyone on how to use them; what if your power goes out? No school.

    Another point is, when would you implement this online classroom? Six year olds are going to have trouble operating something like that, and school is almost like a daycare nowadays with both parents working.

    So while I believe the school system is flawed, it seems society deems it essential and a major overhaul such as this would be difficult. Not to mention all the people it would put out of a job.
    • Apr 18 2011: Teaching is ESSENTIAL for learning, it just needs a modern boost! we have the means to create a virtual classroom, tablets have 2 cameras on them as technology is right now, so you can have video chatting as well as be able to chat actively with peers and teachers alike. In fact I think it would enhance the kids experience because they wouldn't be shy to ask questions as much. as for math, yes kids will still need to meet certain requirements in order to advance in grade. but like what is done already on is to implement a game like setting for their practices and use video tutorials to fill in the blanks. (in this system I would implement the game aspect as well but add a live chat to enhance, and assure that the subject matter is understood.) as for the age level: same applies! I have a 3 year old daughter who already understands touch screen technology. she plays with apps all the time! as for the problem with power outages, there isn't a solution with how we use power now. But in a system like this, solar power would help. perhaps the back of tablets could be a solar panel!! we as humans have a way of working out the kinks, at this point it is purely conceptual and therefor it is important to address all the issues that could come up. thank you for you comment James, it is most appreciated.
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    Apr 14 2011: 2/2 "The current system is ineffective because of the 3 month summers we give, brain dumping of all the information is a problem, the hours and dates should be altered"

    They brain dump because most of the information isn't relative to their lives (as so they feel) but can you blame them for feeling that way? I remember my entire education and the most important things I use now are math and English. Science and history classes are just "remember and test on later" type classes. Math, if there is no good teacher there is no absorption. Physical education = 45 minutes play time, maybe once a month class on sexual diseases. Really, the electives were the best part of education!! You got to pick what you wanted after years of being told what to do.

    I agree, 3 months off is bad. Should be 4 and 1/2 months, but more spread out throughout the year.

    School shouldn't start at 8 or 9 (seriously? do parents and the older generations really even know what our younger generations are like at all? or did they forget what they did as kids?) Schools starts at 10 ends at 7, with a hour lunch/free period. That is either 55 per 8 course OR 40 minutes for 10 courses. Every other week is a 4 day week instead of 5. The kids of the future are going to only party more and harder. Let's compensate that. 9 hour school days? What?

    The future involving technology and globalization requires WORK, it requires a lot of work to maintain accordingly. Change is needed immediately. Schools haven't reformed since WWII they just gotten easier so kids can go to college easier. I know for a fact many colleges in New Jersey dropped their standards, whether it is for money or we are more dumb now than ever before in comparison, change is needed.

    ANY CHANGE. Another problem are the "politics" around schooling. Which is a nice way to say money issues, you cannot put a price on our future. Why do lawyers, doctors, and architects make more than teachers? Who taught the lawyers, doctors, and architect
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    Apr 14 2011: Hi Blayke, nice post!
    Excellent point about the use of tablets, it would also be cheaper than printing books and sheets.
    As Nicholas said, please take a look at democratic education on wikipedia, and tell us what you think about it on this conversation
    Is this related to your view of modern education?
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      Apr 14 2011: Yes it is Lucas, internet would only enhance democratic education.

      Blayke just wants the entire system to be refined to be more efficient while maintaining high level productivity!
    • Apr 18 2011: Sounds great Lucas! its a step in the right direction and sounds similar to how some other schools I have heard of. In these school systems the students are taught by students from higher grade levels as well as teachers, all the way up to the highest levels of education. However it is not exactly the same as I described above, My proposed idea is a little more independent, considering that everyone learns a little bit differently and at different levels of success. so use an internet based education system would give the students a chance to set there own pace in terms of how fast they want to learn a subject. Say a particular kid LOVES physics well they will be allowed to fallow their passion for physics and they can setup a curriculum, where certain courses will be recommended to them in order to reach there maximum understanding of any given subject. but yeah I think integrating ideas and coming up with a whole system is essential for the future, as technology speeds up our learning curve, societies fall behind and its showing! thanks for your comments Lucas, thanks for showing me democratic education.