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What is the purpose of education?: The most important question in the education revolution

It is recently trendy to say "its time for an education revolution". So before we get these lofty ideas about all the things wrong with the system and how to fix it, lets talk about what the purpose of education is. Once decided (will it ever be truly decided?) then, and only then, can we create a proper educational system.
So lets hear some options! Whats the purpose of education???


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    Sep 19 2013: Anyone who thinks that an "education" is something one obtains from an institution and is thereby validated by a piece of paper has been mislead by their educators.

    Everything we do, everything we see, hear and experience is part of our education. Our earliest lessons in language and social norms comes from our families and acquaintances. Employees learn far more once they are 'on the job' then they can in any classroom or lecture hall. Everyone becomes more proficient and knowledgeable at certain tasks and endeavours the more they practice them.

    Yes, education is an action word and, as such, requires our active participation. Learning is a life long process and we should never allow ourselves to become complacent or indifferent to the idea that there is always more to learn.

    But the idea that "an education" is somehow primarily about jobs and careers is a bastardization of the very concept of education. The idea that certain aspects or categories of "knowledge" and "education" should only be accessible to those who can pay for it is an obscenity. And any student that deemed "un-teachable" is a beacon of truth pointing the boney finger of responsibility right back at the so-called teacher.

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