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What is the purpose of education?: The most important question in the education revolution

It is recently trendy to say "its time for an education revolution". So before we get these lofty ideas about all the things wrong with the system and how to fix it, lets talk about what the purpose of education is. Once decided (will it ever be truly decided?) then, and only then, can we create a proper educational system.
So lets hear some options! Whats the purpose of education???


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  • Sep 14 2013: I think meaningful education is that teaching the method how to survive in this world. Most education systems require students to be evaluated in a certain way. And it is inevitable since there are too many students(who are learning something) so the standard should be exist. But the problem is it only pushs students into stressful exam..evaluation.. Why we mostly need is the skill to apply something on another:-D

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