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How can I (or anybody) help people begging for money on streets?

I am a college student and want a idea that i can spread among educated people about how they can help people(beggars) and improve their life. We(my team) are thinking of organising a social event with a aim of helping street beggars by making them aware and planning out a solution to tell people how they can contribute.Its going to happen in India.


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  • Sep 15 2013: My bro was indigent for 5 to 6 years and we were living in Oxford England at that time, my sis and me. Maybe some people do have family like my bro. His friend phoned my dad and He went to look for him and brought him home.
    This happened like 2 times. Then he just was left in his trip with whatever he drugged himself with. Thanks to God we found this Sukyo Mahikari since my bro was about to be left in a mental health house. He started receiving the energy and Thank GOD He came back on his mind. Now he works and help us . Of course this is not for everyone the solution cause it has to be for every family. I am aware not everyone has a family..
    • Sep 15 2013: thank god? which god? the same god who responsible for putting you all in such a bad situation in the first place? thank the people who actually deserve it, the ones who helped you.
      • Sep 16 2013: The God who guided those people who help us . He guides us to help one another.

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